OPUS undertook the complete study and design of a Bioclimatic Hotel Complex in mountainous Arcadia, in the village Chrysovitsi.

The hotel complex includes:

  1. The main hotel area of ​​1.500 m²
  2. Ten luxury independent houses of a ​​700 m² total area
  3. Thirty independent residences, of a 3,000 m² total area
  4. Future expansion of the hotel unit by 3,500 m²

The study was based on the respect of the local and regional development, the protection of the natural environment and the preservation of the area’s cultural heritage.

The goal was to satisfy the customers and ensure their confidence in order to continuously improve the hotel complex and its further development. The operational strategy that is planned to be implemented is based on diversification, development of new services and products, and of course, the expenditure management.

The hotel complex will be built on a hill between a lush forest, preserving the natural character of the area. The hotel and the residences are designed to adapt to weather conditions, giving each location a specific orientation depending on the shape of the ground. The design respects the bioclimatic rules and incorporates passive lighting and energy systems. All materials are carefully selected for their thermal behavior and for their composition avoiding toxic ingredients and preferring using recycled products.

In the main hotel area is planned to create all those infrastructures that improve the quality of the guest’s stay such as SPA, gym, hamam, body and facial treatment center, swimming pool, meeting center etc. The houses will provide romantic accommodation and privacy to the visitors, who will be able to enjoy relaxation away from the city.