We all have a mood for a fresh start! For some of us, the mood for renewal starts from our house… First thought; The colors on the walls, or, in other words…the successful painting of the house!
This change will make the home seam cleaner, fresh and at the same time it gives us the opportunity to repair any damage of the winter’s humidity.

But before we start, we have to pay attention to the following 4 points:

  1. Collaboration with a company. Many recommend us someone non-professional, who paints occasionally, at a very low fee. But do we really need a simple house painting or complete solutions and suggestions that we would never imagine, even after reading all these articles on the web? Specific deadlines, agreed budget, guarantee and assurance of outcome, comprehensive consideration of future needs, home respect and cleanliness, are the most important reasons to collaborate with an architectural company.
  2. Color Selection. For the proper house painting, choosing the right color or colors is mandatory. This depends on the type and style of the decoration of the house, the personality of the owner and of course the natural lighting of the room. In addition, the colors that are already in the room must be harmonized. Such as the color of the floor, the color of the furniture, the colors of the fabrics and the objects in the room.
  3. Myths or truth. An experienced company will solve all our questions and doubts that are often created by discussions and decorating articles, f.e.: small rooms must be painted only with light colors.
    Each color option in house painting has its own distinct parameters.
  4. Test the color before starting. Yes, of course! A professional knows that he has to visit the house, paint a specific surface, which will be watched for 1-2 days in natural light, on each side of the room during the day. This happens, because all colors seam different during the day and, of course, under artificial light.

So let’s make the house painting a pleasant experience, far from compromises. At OPUS, we deal with all the individual tasks – as small or large as they may be – with the same strict professionalism and the same endless enthusiasm to make … the difference!