The design and construction of an energy house that becomes an aesthetic landmark for the wider area, reward both its owners and the architects who have completed it.

An energy house that is oriented to be flooded with the light of the Greek sun and reclaims all the potentials of bioclimatic technology and energy saving.

The balance between modern and functional is so harmonious, that makes life in it, dreamlike. In addition, the cubist volumes of the architectural design are positioned in such a way that provides adequate light or shade during the day.

At the main entrance, we climb a magnificent geometric staircase that externally “converses” with the garden’s landmark – the olive tree.

At this level is located the living room, in which the main wall is decorated with natural “Aeginite” stone, aged with the old, traditional method, while on the other side, there is an asymmetric linear design over the energy fireplace that creates playful contrasts.

The kitchen, in the same level, is designed to ensure the ultimate ergonomics and the necessary privacy in the family. In other words, it’s a “green zone” that lends the sense of purity and elegance. The absence of a dividing line between the food preparation room and the playroom achieves the perpetual circulation both of light and people inside the space, as a continuous interaction.

A pleasant visual surprise is the original detail of the drawing on the wall with the lighting and management switches that explains the routes and the function of the switches located in it. Something that was created as a necessity, turned out to be an interesting design element.

The minimal design in this energy house is also highlighted in the night hours, as the external architectural lighting underlines its particular elements, combinations of crystal, cement and aluminium, creating the illusion that the house is lifted up.

The low energy consumption was one of the major design and construction requirements for this energy house. Thus, a variety of new technologies (heat pump with underfloor heating, LED lighting, triple energy boiler, etc.) and materials (building with YTONG blocks, shell, aluminum with thermal break and energy crystals etc.) were applied, offering incredible thermal comfort to its owners, while saving energy to the maximum possible extent.

Opus team undertook in total the architectural design, study, construction management, building and decoration of this energy house.