Trends in fashion and style should be shown both at the promoted products and at the total design of the showroom, creating a complete experience for the visitor. Believing in this, the “Devotion” women’s clothing Company based in Ag. Anargiri area, trusted OPUS team to design and construct the showroom for her clothes collections.

The project was demanding, with high standards, as there was a strict deadline, a specific budget and of course the obvious construction and design restrictions that the reconstruction of an existing space imposes. The special demands of the Devotion owners were a real challenge. Their business philosophy, the quality and style of the clothes that they design and sew, and generally, their standards, wouldn’t let them ask for anything less…

The design and construction of the showroom, undertaken by the OPUS team, had as the ultimate goal, to exploit in the best possible way, a space of only 90 m², in order to be both ergonomic and impressive. Designing carefully and by detail independent open space meeting spaces, bars, showroom and office, giving at the same time the impression of a “bigger” space. In order to connect the old architectural elements of the building with the new interior design result, Opus team chose natural materials, almost raw.

And last but not least, we had to complete the project within 30 days… and strictly abide by the budget.

Considering all of these parameters, the design and construction plan for the Devotion showroom was presented to the owners in one week period and with a unique goal … the proposed concept to be liked and accepted at the first presentation!

The main materials that were selected, were metal, natural plaster (Kurasanit) and natural wood. The design and long-term experience of the OPUS technical team and of course the architectural lighting gave as a result a unique, beautiful and impressive professional space.

In order to achieve the sense of a larger space, and also, to create more useful space, the best solution was to construct multi-levels and remove any partition wall. As a result, an office space has been created by the construction of a metal loft which hangs over the bar, leaving enough room available for the showroom’s needs. The space is soundproofed with crystal partition walls, providing the required privacy, and at the same time, leaving free the field of view.

The main goal of design and construction, was to highlight Devotion’s merchandise, and offer the ability to the customer to see it from any point in this showroom. Thus, a second level was created by constructing three impressively large rungs, at hockey stick-shape, on the opposite side of the office, that highlight the main showroom and the meeting room. Both the rungs and the higher level floor, which is placed on a metal construction, are made of untreated planks, which are processed by our technicians during the project, with special ecological varnishes, creating a very special result. The clothes are displayed around the meeting table and through the lighting design, they are highlighted properly, considering the special type of this merchandise.

In the ground floor, a third showroom with a second meeting table is created, to provide a better customer service at Devotion Showroom.

The visitor of the WC does not feel as if he is away from the total design concept of the showroom.  In the waiting room, a metallic handmade washbasin-sink with a ruby ​​fire extinguisher plays the role of the battery. The alternation between the raw industrial design in the waiting room, contrast and the natural and zen design of the main space, surprises playfully the visitor. Lighting design emphasizes again in all the interesting design details.

Devotion’s showroom design and construction was completed by planning and creating all the architectural details and furniture to fit perfectly with the total design philosophy. So, instead of the classic display infrastructures, adjustable metallic clip-on systems were constructed, in order to be functional and compatible with the needs of the new and different collections. The offices, the tables and the bar were also constructed using metallic bases and wood, all of which aim to fit perfectly into the particular shapes of the individual spaces.

In the whole masonry, natural plaster with earth materials technique from KURASANIT Company, was applied in gray shades. This technique combined with the lighting design gave a surprising and yet distinctive effect.

Two basic architectural elements have been retained from the existing building, and fitted perfectly, making the visitor wondering if they pre-existed or of they were built through this renovation. At first, a part of the beautiful classical black mosaic floor was a pleasant surprise that we decided to keep and connect with the new concept design. Also, after removing the plasterboard ceiling, the concrete slab appeared as it had been constructed in the 1970’s, revealing a beautiful ceiling. Both are a tribute to the first architect and highlight the history of the building over time.

Throughout the masonry, KURASANIT’s style was applied in gray shades, which combined with lighting gave a surprising and yet distinctive effect.

Two architectural elements have been retained from the existing building, which made the visitor wonder whether they were built under design or pre-existing. This is part of a beautiful classical black mosaic floor and ceiling, as after the dismantling of false ceiling plasterboard appeared the concrete of the slab as it had been made in the 1970s. Both are a tribute to the first architect and highlight the story of the building over time.