The popular chef Myrsini Lambraki entrusted the well-known architectural and construction company OPUS to design and implement her new kitchen. A cooking studio designed to combine harmoniously the natural materials with the vivid colors, and the technology with the ergonomics.

OPUS has created a cozy industrial space, according to the requirements of modern cooking art, a kitchen  in which Myrsini Lambrakis will share with us the secret recipes of the Greek and International Cuisine.

In this new kitchen, the design was based on ergonomics so that all tools and kitchen utensils can be easily accessed by herself, both when she delivers cooking lessons and also during the filming of the cooking videos.

For OPUS, the new kitchen of Myrsini Lambrakis was a very creative process. It was crucial to design a kitchen that not only meets the standards of a professional chef’s needs, but is also cozy, welcoming and pleasant to the viewers. The final result rewarded both sides to the maximum extent.