OPUS undertakes the independent evaluation and assessment of the property you want to sell or the property you plan to invest in, in order to make your investment successful, in the market competition.

OPUS’s experienced team of lawyers, notaries, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanicals and real estate brokers, study and evaluate your property and provide you a full explanatory report as well as the estimated costs, based on the actual Greek Real Estate Market.

The evaluation includes:

  • property titles and legal status check
  • checking the town planning license file for potential irregularities or urban planning offenses that may cause problems in the transfer or reconstruction of the property
  • price control and evaluation by area and type of property (land condition, residence type, territory, building age, etc.)
  • technical check of construction and electromechanical infrastructures
  • special property features that affect its value (historical value, view, access to airports and Public Transports, quality of construction, etc.)
  • accurate estimation of timeline and cost of reconstruction or renovation after the purchase (if required)

Assign to OPUS the evaluation of the property you are interested in, and negotiate based on its true value and potential.