On the 3rd of June, OPUS completed the project which included the building’s façade restoration (1500 m²), the painting, restoration and maintenance of the PILOTIS and the pavement’s construction in Kefalari area.

Despite the fact that the building was constructed with high-quality standards, the first signs of deterioration and corrosion, begun to appear. Using the proper resin materials, we overcame this problem and fixed all the damaged parts of the building.

During the selection of the color palette, the ultimate goal was to give a fresh and modern style to the building, following and respecting the existing architectural design.

An other intervention on the building was the protective windbreakers that were placed on the balconies with sandblasted crystal-glass, so as to preserve the privacy of the residents.

In the PILOTIS, in order to achieve a beautiful appearance of the place, and to protect the garage area, there were built partition walls. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, the partition walls were covered with Karystos stone and were highlighted with indirect tangential LED lighting.

Finally, extensive operations were carried out on the pavement and the rainwater drainage network, with the installation of new pipelines, in order to solve the problem of rainwater entrance through the entrance of the building.