Architectural design, construction & relocation of your business to your new offices.

With the “construction & all-out relocation” service, OPUS undertakes the architectural design, construction and complete relocation of a company of any size or need.

OPUS is the only company that can organize a project in a responsible way by implementing and implementing both the architectural design and the construction, as the coordination of the relocation project.

Reconstruction of corporate offices and facilities

Before any reconstruction, an architectural study is required to solve several problems, prevent future needs and give the desired aesthetic result.

The architectural study is always based on briefing from the company side. For the architectural design, the architect considers:

  • the type of the company (shipping, IT, health, services, etc.)
  • the aesthetics that the company wants to exude its facilities
  • the main goals of the company (pleasant working environment, more jobs, team-working, etc.)
  • the spatial needs of the company,
  • and of course, the budget

During the construction phase, the architectural design is carried out to meet the needs and requirements of the business.

Relocation of a business

If the business is relocated to new facilities, the project is more complex. Usually, it is necessary to rebuild or renovate the new premises by proceeding to architectural interventions as well as to E/M infrastructures. The next step is the coordination of the relocation project, which is the most difficult task of the project.

In a relocation project, the issues that need to be resolved before we go to the final stage are many:

  • layout – the siting of new establishments,
  • organization of working spaces for the executives and employees,
  • transfer of IT systems in the shortest possible time (especially when the type of the company is associated with high availability);
  • transportation of equipment etc.,

while at the same time the company should discontinue its operation for a minimum period if not at all.

Therefore, the project of relocation is quite complicated, it requires very careful coordination and a detailed and effective project plan, in order to achieve all the objectives.